I need to write poetry

To enjoy the beauty again

To feel the words

Pass gently, swiftly

Gracefully, graciously

From my fingers onto-

the blank white canvas

So that I could capture with words

what Images can't

Gratitude for blessings,

Passion for my values

Nobility and all that is Good- that Is Khair

The Journey is a beautiful one

So I am not taking pictures with a camera

Let me capture them with words

that come into existence,

seeps through my veins,

becomes a part of me

and accompanies me on this journey- perhaps till it's end

How beautiful is a life spent

in the remembrance of Allah

How beautiful His gifts

that make me wonder-

Is there more?

How wonderful the blessings

that makes me ask

"If dunya is so beautiful, then-

What would Jannah be like?"

Yes there's the tiredness from labour and trials,

but even in them

there is beauty, there is reward

Maybe I need to write poetry

Or maybe-

Maybe, I just need.