Written on June 2nd, 2015

 Meet Blackie. She was out for her usual walk. And I happened to be out for my unusual clothes washing. She is not that friendly with me. We have a very formal relationship. So I asked my grandmother if there's anything that I can feed her.

My grandmother handed me some left over jalebi. And then began my attempt at winning Blackie's heart. I fed her bit by bit and appreciated her for every good catch of the jalebi bits.

But then it was soon time for her to go back to her abode. So I led her to it using the same jalebis as a treat for every act of obedience. And then my grandmother suggested that I empty the jalebis into her food bowl. But since we have to be careful as her effects are najas (impure) I did so carefully and slowly.

Suddenly I felt pain shoot through at points on my feet! Ants!

But then I didn't want the jalebi bits to miss blackie's food bowl either.

So bearing the twinges of pain at different points of my feet, I quickly emptied the jalebis into her bowl. But most of them missed!!
And fell right into the ants

I ran quickly to the nearby tap to give relief to my feet.

After a few minutes of soothing relief, I continued with the task of washing my clothes.

But then I noticed two crows nearby. They were curiously and yet cautiously nearing Blackie's place. I am not sure what happened next, whether the crows ate the jalebi or not, but what struck me was the fact that jalebis that my family enjoyed, just a few days back was first devoured by a dog, then ants..and perhaps these two little birdies too.

What we would immediately think as an 'accident'. Me dropping the jalebis, is in fact a blessing for these ants in search for provision.

What we think of as 'leftover' is in fact a delight and treat for a lonely little dog.

How perfect you are, O Ar Razzaq, The provider. How perfect you are, O Al Wahhab, The Bestower of gifts . We testify you alone are the true Provider. We testify that none is worthy of worship except you.

Note: Blackie was a guard dog at my home in India during my college days. She passed away a little after I returned to Qatar. She was a very brave, faithful and loyal creation of Allah. I loved her a lot. The picture doesn't do justice to her. She wasn't as scary as it seems in it. She was adorable. Had really bright, loving eyes.

P.S. For those knowledgeable about ahadith, she was not a shaitan. I know. I checked personally­čśé