So why thank God for Fridays, you wonder?



There are many things in life that invokes the spirit of gratitude in us. Maybe it's our health.  Perhaps, our loved ones or our careers. 

Or quite simply- food on the table. 

Growing up in the Middle-East, Friday was  always the day of the week. The time to go out. Delicious special food.  After a week long of daily routine ( Most of the time hectic) , Allah gives us the chance to take a break from the toil  of daily life and just….Relax? Pursue our passion? Spend time with our families?…Have a spiritual renewal?

The potential of a break is unlimited, isn’t it?


But what do we end up doing most of the time?

If you feel a creeping sense of guilt, congratulations!

You have just been diagnosed as a human being with a conscience. 

You also have symptoms matching those of people who want to make better use of their time!

Welcome to the club.

The club of want-do-better-ers

The gathering of the ones on the quest. 

The quest for eternal happiness. 

For fulfillment. 

For that little something more.

The ones who can see a baby smile and remember the one who made that baby and the eyes that can see the baby. 

The one who made the heart that finds tenderness and mercy in that sight. 

And the one who guided the tongues to say the right words to express that feeling. 

The ones who can thank God for anything and everything.

And for anything and everything in between.

The ones who can taste the sweetness of a glass of tap water after a long day of fasting and say words that are even more sweet.

The ones who can feel the resilience of hope after the darkness of war.

The people of Gratitude.

The people of Alhamdulillah.

[3] Saheeh Muslim, Book 004, Number 1857

But hold on a sec. 

Who is behind these words? What's this person writing for? What's the agenda here?


Surviving from one friday to next with Gratitude. Tune in every Friday for write-ups documenting this survival, and it's tactics, in sha Allah.

Expect everything ranging from the mundane to the hair-raising.

From the local to the global.

Because this dear friends, is the journey called life.

More about Virtues of Fridays.

                But, I don’t have the time! That was my first excuse.
But but, I am an amateur, I can’t write! It needs to be perfect. Number#2

Let’s just pause and reflect for a moment. 

Let’s be different. Let’s see with insight. This week, let us look at our food and notice the different colours, the different tastes. The texture of that Biryani.