We just need to think of the definition of science to understand why there needs to be serious research in the field of science from an Islamic lens.

If you have any recollection of what you were taught in kindergarten- When you were a child on the fitrah (Innate natural disposition or inclination towards the truth)
You would realize why it's important that this field be explored through a very basic lens that the Qur'an and sunnah offers.

Allah subhana wa' ta'la  in The Qur'an, expects human beings to reflect about the creation of Allah, Al Khaliq, The creator.

And that is exactly what science is. 
the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment*
*Definition of science

Allah subhana wa' ta'la asks us to look at the creation of the heavens and the earth- and to reach the conclusion, the awareness of the greatness of the creator who created such a great creation.

But the present scientific trend expects us to lose ourselves in the intellectual abyss- to lose touch with the reality- and to form no conclusions except one conclusion- That science itself must be made into a god.

This paradoxical belief is what atheists- who claim to worship logic- illogically believe.

The Qur'an abolishes the atheist belief of taking science as a god.

The scientific way of thinking is a means to God, which if it's not supplemented with guidance from the Qur'an and the Sunnah, will lead the human being nowhere.

The human being will be lost in his/her entire life in the intellectual abyss, with little or no care for the true purpose of life- which is beyond science.

We all know how fascinating it is to think about the millions of galaxies in our universe, and the billions of stars inhabiting it.

It almost makes the curious scientific observer of the galaxies and stars- the astronomer- have a spiritual awakening of his own insignificance, and then the biologist- has to remind him of the marvelous nature of his own human body- that as macroscopic; as large as the stars inhabiting the galaxies are; his very own human brain and nerves, his very own blood vessels, are other mind boggling things that can be observed with equal-if not greater fascination.

So one might as well wonder, after the astronomer and biologist goes home, when he does something as mundane as drinking a cup of tea, doesn't he feel a pull somewhere inside his very being, asking him to look at those stars again; yet again; and reach a deeper conclusion that none of his human existence might explain?

And perhaps, maybe when that spiritual side of his awakens, he might become aware of greater things in life; such as the human compassion with which his wife made him this tea. And then perhaps; He might feel the warmth of human love for his beloved wife.

But wait! Mr.Astronomer! Aren't you forgetting something? You can't observe, smell or taste compassion. You can't observe, smell or taste love.

Are you going to allow your wife's compassion to defeat science?

Paradox. That's what the atheist feels in his being.

And then maybe; just maybe, as the scientist in him turns into a philosopher; He might recollect his boyhood- in which he solidly recollects a vague sounding name-


And maybe. Just maybe. He will shed that mask of methodical scientist. and become a  boy- who is in desperate need of an all encompassing love, mercy, that even his wife can't give him.

And maybe, just maybe, he will understand that this love and mercy that his being desperately longs for, is too great, is greater than the stars he observed-he observed, but can't worship or pray to- because as a scientist, he knows what stars are made of- hot gases- hot gases can't give him the kind of mercy he needs.

And maybe, just maybe, he will understand why he is not a philosopher, and his desperation will produce tears. Because that's all he is. A boy crying out to the Invisible creator of those mighty stars.


And that was his silent prayer, witnessed only by the All-seeing, the All-hearing, the All-knowing.

And the boy found relief.

Because he became

A believer.

Reach out

Hands stretched out

Reach out

Grab the stars above

Reach out

Try thinking out loud

Reach out

To the ones in the darkness of their night

Reach out

To the ones shedding their invisible tears

Reach out

To the Good Ones and the Bad

And the ones in between

Reach out

Because you never know

Who might just grab your handhold

Reach out

And maybe they might just grow tenfold

Reach out

Because beyond it's capacity

doesn't The Creator burden a soul

Reach out

Because there's no problem

Without a solution

That couldn't be found

In the book not young

But not old

In The Book that was send

As the solution

To your problem

As The Cure

for your disease

As The Solace

for your heart

Reach out

Because you might just

End up

Reaching there


Reach out

You now know how easy it is to grab someone's interest.

Reach out

You just need to repeat yourself

Reach out

You now know that it's possible for your soul to be touched without music

Reach out

The words reverberate through your soul without sound

Reach out

Hear that? That's not the sound of music

Reach out

That's the sound of words

Reach out

Ever wondered what the birds sing?

Reach out,

don't wonder too much, that's where the devil comes in

Reach out

Just say audhubillahi minashaitani rajeem

I seek refuge with Allah from Shaitan, the outcast.

Reach out

Thank God for His last prophet and messenger pbuh who was purified from within

Reach out

Because he reached out to you.
I wish I can show you my face.

Show you the dark purple eye shadow I am wearing

Oh, not for an evening of fun out with the girls

It's from the sleepless nights I spend crying and praying  on the memory of my dead sons little baby fingers

He is now with our father Ibrahim

I wish I can show you my face

Show you the bright red lipstick I put on

Oh, not for a romantic night out with my man

But from the blow a very courageous man who calls himself a soldier gave me with the edge of his rifle

I  now  smile with my dry lips, whenever I see kindness

I wish I can show you the shine of my glossy hair

Oh, not after using a dove haircare product

But from the greyness of youthful aging..induced by the stress of constant raining bombs and alertness

I now comb it lightly, and smile at the lights that I will have on the day when there will be no lights

I wish I can show you my pearl necklace

Oh, it wasn't a gift from a secret admirer

It was strung around my neck and tightened

When I tried to fight for my innocent husband in jail

I now smile secretly, thinking of joining him at his palace, the palace so vivid in my sleep, I smile so secretly, even i don't know I did, in my sleep

I wish I can show you my butterfly tattoo

Oh, it wasn't done at a parlour in Jersey

It was burnt into my skin with a cigarette when I was lost in the mall without my mommy, by a rich lady

My children now knows, Rich ladies are not mean, because their mother is not mean

I wish I can show you the world

that I live in

Not so that you can save me

But so that

I can save you.