Oh what to speak of the book of Allah

Light upon light from the one true ilah

From among its gems is this bright one

A light between two Fridays, if you recite it then, you would have won

Beginning with a story of wonder

For three hundred adding nine years, did the youth slumber

He is able to do all things is your lesson

When you seek refuge with Him, miracles He will make happen

Firmness in the truth in the youth is a blessing

So when young, the pleasures of the world, stop chasing

Then comes the story of the boastful one, full of delusion

Never will his wealth end was his illusion

With pride he talked about being greater to his companion

But Alas! There came upon his gardens a destruction unlike any in the dominion.

Don't disbelieve in the resurrection 

That's your second lesson

The tale of knowledge is what comes third,

I will not give up traveling until I find what I seek, from Musa (a.s) it was heard

Until he found what he sought

To have patience, he was taught

Three mysterious actions

First In a ship a defect was made

Second "An innocent boy you have killed," Musa (a.s) said

Third an inhospitable town's wall was rebuilt free of charge

Musa's (a.s) impatience now growing large

An explanation was given by Al Khidr for each

First a King who seized by force every ship, did he teach

By rebellion will oppress the boy his pious parents was second

A better child Allah will replace, closer to mercy , on that he depends

Third a treasure beneath the wall he wanted to protect

It belonged to two orphan boys, righteous was their father, so did Rasulullah (s.a) regret

That Musa (a.s) could not have more patience

So this is the explanation, fascinating equations

Now comes the story of Dhul Qarnain

Established on the earth he was, power from Allah did he gain

Travelling and coming upon a people

"We are oppressed by a people given to evil"

Asking for his help and protection from them all

Dhul Qarnain with the help of men built a wall

"None can scale it except for when the promise of my Lord will come to pass"

Ya'juj and Ma'juj, a sign of the day of judgement, on the earth they will fill up and trespass

So goes the stories in this bright one

If the oceans were ink, the words of your Lord would not end is another lesson

A light between two Fridays, if you recite it, you would have won.