When you think of making dua, what do you usually have in mind?

It's probably something huge isn't it?

"O Allah give me jannah"

Allah is indeed *Al Mujeeb* (The one who responds)

But do you ever think that the one whom you ask for Jannah can also provide you with-

You guessed it right.

Diet pepsi.

What I am about to narrate may seem like  quite an ordinary tale void of adventure, but it was one of the most miraculous experiences for me, personally. And I hope you can see the miracle in your own diet pepsi as well.

So my tale begins on an ordinary night out with my family. We were on our way back home from shopping, chilling in the car, when my soul began to crave for that can of artificial sweetness.

Diet pepsi.

So like any normal child, I requested (*cough* demanded*cough*)  that my father buy me one.

And guess what happened?

He refused.

It was getting late.

My soul cried out in protest. If my inner feelings at that time had words, it would sound something like this.

"But I MUST have it! I haven't had it in sooo long"

I tried asking him again.

Guess what happened?

He refused. Again.

But this time, my inner feelings found words. Not just any words, but these ones.

"O Allah, give me diet pepsi!"

Yep. I actually made that dua. Thanks to the training of my beloved bhabhi's (Umm Imaan) audio series on Asma ul Husna (The Most beautiful names of Allah), Al Mujeeb in particular, I found myself making dua to Allah for something as small as diet pepsi. It is said that the salaf used to make dua for shoe laces if they broke.

And no, I didn't get the diet pepsi that night. Sorry to disappoint you.

And I forgot about that dua.

I went home, diet pepsi less.

Guess what happened next day?

My brother asks me (He NEVER does this) for some cash so he can buy snacks. I agree on the condition he buys something for me as well.

And in a hurry I tell him:

"Diet Pepsi"

He comes back, the diet pepsi is in front of me now. It's open. I take refreshing sips.

Nothing. Still nothing.

And like a strike of lightning, everything falls in place.

This is no ordinary diet pepsi!!

It's an answer to my dua!

My heart melted.

My Rabb responded to the silliest dua imaginable.

But that's the catch, it wasn't silly for him.

He paid attention to it and gave me a diet pepsi that I took delight in!

Alhamdulillah! Allahu Akbar!

That was soo loving of Him. I felt my imaan rise tremendously.

I felt more eager to make Duas and had even more hope in the Duas that seemed huge.

In duas for jannatul firdaus, where I can have rivers of pepsi, in sha Allah.

So make dua for that mountain dew, 7 up or whatever your favourite fizzy drink is. If you don't like any, you still get the drift.

As for the peeps going

"But you basically ordered the diet pepsi, how can it be from Allah?"

I have a few questions

Who created me and my brother and has control over us both?


Who put the thought in my brother's head to  buy snacks?


Who made me absent mindedly say "Diet Pepsi" ?


Who gave me the money to buy diet pepsi?


Who made it possible for the diet pepsi to be at the grocery shop?


So alhamdulillah and Allahu Akbar!