When you sigh with the heaviness of monotony

Remember that there is the sweet release of jannah

Stop searching for the glitter in the dunya

Start finding your treasures in His words

Truly in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest

Rest so sweet, it's stillness like the rock glaciers of the poles

Blanketing in the bliss of peace

Where else will you find your target, o restless one

Where else will you escape to from the clutches of your own insignificance

Because with your Lord, you are something

Something a little more

With your Lord you are moving, towards something definite and noble

With your Lord, it's different,

There is no confusion, no chaos

It's your Lord who sees you

The whole of you

In your incomplete completeness

It's your Lord who gives you

Richness so filling, the water overflowing from its brims

No pettiness of mundane

Just home

Like a traveler in this world,

Like a stranger, even

In this temporary abode

Then in servitude, you will find glory

In the mundane, you will find your kingdom

Your jewels will be adhkar

Your throne will be niyyah

Transforming the petty

To the magnificent

Your reign will be remembered

By the winged messengers of your Lord

So rule with might and power

Not monotonous is the life of an abidh

Rule, for a better kingdom awaits with your Lord.