From the demented author of Celebrating womanhood-Muslim style, comes yet another celebration of a very 21sty century thingy. 

Oh yes.


Totally modern trend. Doubt if the ancients knew anything at all about this concept. 

You were just a clot

Yes, you. 
The educated. The elite. The reader. The Writer. The degree holder. Even the Cracker or the Coder.

You think your reasonings are as tough as a boulder?

Think again.

 I think it's time, for a moment, to put aside that coffee on your cup holder.

To sit back, and-
Not relax.
But to stimulate your mind to the max.

Yes, it's possible without coffee.
And no, you don't need to take out your certificates and trophies.

As you walk with the weight of your literacy, on your ego.

Don't forget where from you came, amigo.

Barely able to spell, as out came the spittle
A baby you were, your knowledge was little

What?  Sighing in frustration at the stupidity of others?!
Don't forget that you'd have been the same, if it wasn't for another

Where from did you get your smartness? Was it on sale on e-bay?
If no, then what makes you walk in a path that is clearly astray?

Because clearly,  in your forest of thoughts, one can get lost in amazon.

You know in retrospection that reaching here was a process, quite long

And yet on introspection, you deny your  heart access to guidance, quite strong

Ring-of-Roses you played, ABC blocks were your toys
But now that you know  some -ology, in your superiority, you take joy?

Sorry to wake you up, but time's running out
The time to be a human, to kill the doubt

The doubt that's holding you back
From moving on the right track

No one's saying don't be smart
Just remember : have a clean heart!

That's the real use of the frontal lobe

To make sure that lil red thing beats aloud.

Beating for the creator, Aloud and proud,

And for the creation-forgiveness and tolerance, even if they are a tough crowd.

"The heart is the King
and among it's flaws
is that it keeps wandering and changing
like a boiling pot of secular laws"

What I don't get is
when freedom is expressed
why do people want to explore
thoughts that are regressed
maybe it's too complicated
for humans to understand
But one thing that's for surety is that
when the book of deeds is spread out
Everybody is going to wish for freedom from their evil doubts

So seek the knowledge that's valuable 
The knowledge of what pleases your Lord, O you who is able