I wish I can show you my face.

Show you the dark purple eye shadow I am wearing

Oh, not for an evening of fun out with the girls

It's from the sleepless nights I spend crying and praying  on the memory of my dead sons little baby fingers

He is now with our father Ibrahim

I wish I can show you my face

Show you the bright red lipstick I put on

Oh, not for a romantic night out with my man

But from the blow a very courageous man who calls himself a soldier gave me with the edge of his rifle

I  now  smile with my dry lips, whenever I see kindness

I wish I can show you the shine of my glossy hair

Oh, not after using a dove haircare product

But from the greyness of youthful aging..induced by the stress of constant raining bombs and alertness

I now comb it lightly, and smile at the lights that I will have on the day when there will be no lights

I wish I can show you my pearl necklace

Oh, it wasn't a gift from a secret admirer

It was strung around my neck and tightened

When I tried to fight for my innocent husband in jail

I now smile secretly, thinking of joining him at his palace, the palace so vivid in my sleep, I smile so secretly, even i don't know I did, in my sleep

I wish I can show you my butterfly tattoo

Oh, it wasn't done at a parlour in Jersey

It was burnt into my skin with a cigarette when I was lost in the mall without my mommy, by a rich lady

My children now knows, Rich ladies are not mean, because their mother is not mean

I wish I can show you the world

that I live in

Not so that you can save me

But so that

I can save you.
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