As I walk lightly on this earth,

Carried by the unseen forces of nature, of qadr

Life pulsating in my veins, just like hope

I imagine the angels of Ar Rahman, surrounding me

With every crisp heartbeat, inching closer to my destination

I whisper the prayers of longing and relief

Living my dreams every day

Unwrapping the gifts of Al Wahhab

Delicately given, for the heart that searches

Searches and searches and then aches

Until it presents itself..a bouquet of reminders

Beautiful words from a beautiful friend

Or cool water on a hot summer's day of fasting

Or a smile from a sister, a look of love, a compliment

The stillness of the night sky with a gentle breeze, enveloping me in serenity

The gifts of Al Wahhab, so that I may turn

Back to him with gratitude, with love, with longing

So that I may turn, yet again and again

The gift of life wrapped as though in a beautiful flower

From it blooms the sweet steps and breaths

Longing to reach the real life, the one of eternity

Because no matter how sweet, this dunya is prison for the believer

In Jannah will I bloom in sha Allah, in sha Allah

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