This is not going to be boring, hopefully.

Let's dive right into it.

I love science.

I love learning about the miraculous nature of the universe.

Paradox? I think not.

There are so many things that I recall learning in school and college, that resonated with me on a really deep- almost spiritual level.

This series is aimed at revisiting my fascination with those subjects, and bringing to table the aspect that we all seem to forget when learning about the world-

It's Creator. 

This is aimed at exploring those laws of physics and chemistry, and maybe even social science (Maybe not, to say safe). And also to make myself put to good use the knowledge of those subjects, in sha Allah.

Let's try to find spirituality in computer science (My major in college)

I remember multiple things from school that may awaken our inner sense of wonder..and cause us to reflect with jaws dropped.

Some things that I can recollect off the top of my head-

Organic Chemistry
Nuclear fission
Engineering Physics

And much much more- time to hunt for some school textbooks, and explore these areas one by one!

Follow me on this journey in sha Allah!

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